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Early 2019



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Two robobunnies team up to transport a magic crystal safely through 50 action-packed levels, protecting it from danger lurking in the shadows. With hours of gameplay that is perfect to binge alone, with a friend, or 5 minutes at a time. How deep into space can you go? Good luck space buns!


Giant Fox Studios' fourth Steam game has players using both joysticks to control separate bunnies. The idea came from the ability to use two-touch on mobile devices in order to control a laser that went between the two points. The original version of this game was released on iOS and Android back in 2013. Since then, Giant Fox Studios has expanded to create Steam games, and has spent the past few months iterating the game to be perfect for Steam. It now has full controller support, longer levels, a huge facelift of the UI, and the ability to play with a friend as RoboBunnies in Space! The game was just announced at PlaycraftingNYC's Halloween Expo in Time SQ on October 26th. The demo of the game was very well received with a constant stream of new players checking out the game. Many commented that there are unique controls and strategies in the game. Giant Fox Studios is currently updating the game based on feedback and planning to start a private beta within the next few weeks. Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam now to get your chance to participate in the free private beta!


  • Unique Controls! Control two bunnies at once to stretch, shrink, and rotate a laser through an intense obstacle course full of asteroids, planets, and alien creatures all trying to stop you!
  • Full Controller Support! We've spent a lot of time perfecting the controls on keyboard and controllers.
  • 2-Player Co-Op Mode! Games are more fun with friends! Each player controls a different bunny and has to work together to keep your laser safe. You have to really be in-sync to make it through this together!
  • 50 Levels! With 50 unique levels there are hours of gameplay to be enjoyed! Can you make it all the way to the end?
  • Dozens of Enemies! From space whales to floating dragon heads, we've got all sorts of crazy alien life forms and planets that will try to stop you every step of the way.
  • 10 Boss Fights! Shooting, chasing, spinning, and minions are just a few aspects of the 10 crazy boss fights you'll encounter as you make your way to the edges of the galaxy.
  • Power Ups! Some levels can get really tough. We've thrown in plenty of free power ups to get you through the game but you can always use the coins you've collected to beef up your laser to blast away enemies before they even reach you!
  • Achievements! Tons of achievements to unlock along the way, but getting them all is a near-impossible task. Will you be the first?
  • Arcade Mode for Highscores! To help you earn extra coins and compete with other players for a global highscore, we've included an arcade mode that's full of all types of enemies and challenges!


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Selected Articles

  • "RoboBunnies in Space! is a fun and sometimes challenging game. It currently has a bunch of content and it isn’t even in Early Access yet. That’s pretty impressive if you ask me."
    - July Vachev, Indie Focused Game News Article
  • "RoboBunnies In Space! is a cool action couch coop indie game to play with friends (playable solo too, one gamepad control 2 bunnies), collect items so you can buy boost and protection, entertaining!"
    - Editor, Games Without Borders Curator Recommendation

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An NYC-based indie game studio with impressive talent from all over the world. They've worked on over 200 released products since 2011 including self-published Steam games, website redesigns for clients, mobile games that have reached the Top 10 on the App Store, UX research for apps, and much more.

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RoboBunnies in Space! Credits

Jaime Faina
Product Designer and Manager

Saadat Shah

Eran Limor
3D Artist

Bryant Lamare
UI / 3D Artist

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